Pacific AirHub Expands Its Footprint to Africa with Local Partner

New Zealand-based Pacific AirHub, one of the global helicopter sales leaders, has solidified its standing in Africa by partnering with a local associate, Cornéll Grové. The move has come after the company has established its presence throughout Australia and New Zealand and set its sights on the African continent.

The continent is currently in a state of accelerated growth, with experts expecting the market to grow significantly in the next five years. After two years of stagnation and lower-than-usual sales, following COVID-19’s impact, Africa is poised to make a significant turn-around. The Middle-East and Africa helicopter market is expected to exhibit a CAGR of over 2% over the next five years.

And Pacific AirHub is ready to flex its muscles in the continent and provide operators and owners with world-class services. They bring a combined 100-years of experience between the team members and sold over 20 helicopters in their first year of operation. Which just happened to be during the sweep of the pandemic when sales were at an all-time low. By partnering with Grové, Pacific AirHub will be bringing on one of the most experienced and well-versed helicopter experts in Southern Africa.

The brand is ready to tackle the traditionally fixed-wing dominated region and bring more helicopters into Africa to expand on the current aviation roles. Helicopters fulfil various functions that, in some cases, trump fixed-wing. This includes transportation of people and cargo, firefighting, Search and Rescue, tourism, medical transport, law enforcement, agriculture, news and media. They offer higher flexibility than fixed-wing, especially for shorter trips and taking off and landing without a runway.

Grové himself brings over 14-years of experience to the table and has worked with and consulted for some of the biggest aviation brands on the continent. He has held several high-ranking aviation positions, from Regional Sales Manager of South and East Africa for Airbus Helicopters to owning his own company, representing some of the finest aviation brands globally.

Grové was part of the team launching Airbus H125 helicopters for the first time in two civilian markets and sported salesman of the year for Airbus Helicopters Southern Africa for two years running. He has extensive experience throughout Africa, being the Airbus Foundation representative for South Africa and foundation liaison for the entire African continent. His love for flying spans over three decades.

He expressed excitement at joining such a rapidly growing team. His expertise and experience in the African helicopter market are perfectly paired with the brand.

Pacific AirHub specialises in purchasing and selling helicopters and helicopter parts globally. They offer a full hanger-to-hanger service worldwide and take care of the complete sales process from sourcing to inspection, packing and shipping. They are well-known for being the experts in Airbus, Bell, and MD Helicopters and provide a complete turn-key service for anyone looking at selling or buying a helicopter or various helicopter parts.


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