Pacific AirHub Takes its Next Step in Global Helicopter Sales Domination

Pacific AirHub has nailed the proverbial nail in the helicopter sales leaderboard by expanding its team once more.

Joining Pacific AirHub in October 2022 are Simon Larsen (New Zealand), Nico Grobbelaar (South Africa) and Debra Buckley (South Africa).

Nico and Simon are coveted helicopter experts and pilots. They bring years of experience and a deep-seated passion for the industry to the table.

Simon is based in Queenstown, and with his significant experience in both retail and, especially, flying in the Oceania region, he has an absolute knack for the aviation industry.

Joining him at Pacific AirHub is Nico, an industrious and tenacious Sales Executive and Chief Pilot/Instructor with leadership experience and knowledge of the aviation and aviation training industry.

Debra comes from an airline career in the Middle East, and after relocating back to South Africa, started working in pre-owned aircraft sales. She has sharpened her skills in sourcing aircraft and is now heading up the research department at Pacific AirHub.

Our new team members bring their knowledge, passion, and expertise to the Pacific AirHub table, providing its clients with world-class service and savvy industry insight. The acquisition has solidified the company’s place at the top of helicopter sales internationally and keeps Pacific AirHub the go-to brand for helicopter sales.

Pacific AirHub is well-known for being the experts in Airbus, Bell, and MD helicopters. In its first year of existence, the company was proud to have sold over twenty helicopters to new clients and shipped aircraft and parts to twelve countries.

Pacific AirHub is proud to be expanding its level of expertise, knowledge and partnership within the industry and bringing such well-versed and sought-after additions to the team.

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For further information, contact:
Simon Larsen
Senior Sales Executive
M: +64 21 643 008

Nico Grobbelaar
Senior Sales Executive
M: +27 83 296 0529