Pacific AirHub Marks its Territory in India & Subcontinent

After its recent expansion, Pacific AirHub started 2023 with another step toward having a complete global presence in helicopter sales. Expanding the team even further, Pacific AirHub has welcomed aviation veteran Sanjay Kaushik to the team. In 2022, Pacific AirHub welcomed two new Helicopter Sales Associates from New Zealand and Africa to the team, and a Global Marketing Support and Helicopter Parts Support at our Parts-Hub in Auckland. 

Sanjay’s presence and services in India & Subcontinent, now place the company on the Asian continent. This expansion provides sellers and buyers across the globe access to even more helicopters, services and options with Pacific AirHub.

Sanjay brings unparalleled experience and knowledge to the team. He boasts over 27 years of dedicated and committed experience in the overall industry. His previous experience includes heading up all sales of Leonardo helicopters; acting as a key distributor of the helicopters in India & Subcontinent. 

Currently, Pacific AirHub is the leading helicopter sales company across the globe. It has an unparalleled physical presence in Australia, New Zealand and Africa, with sales and distribution capabilities reaching worldwide. 

With this move, India & Subcontinent has even more accessibility for the purchase and sale of helicopters on a global scale. With Pacific AirHub’s extensive resources and capabilities, buyers have more options of helicopters based in foreign territories. Sellers, in the same right, now have even more eyes on their listed machines, with a wider and more targeted Asian market.

Pacific AirHub, having extensive experience in helicopter sales, can also ensure seamless shipping between continents. Buyers and sellers can rest assured that the machines will be meticulously shipped and delivered after the sale. 

With the blossoming team, Pacific AirHub looks forward to serving international clients and heading up the leaderboard of helicopter sales in 2023. 

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For further information, contact:

Sanjay Kaushik
Senior Sales Associate, Pacific AirHub
M: +91 (0) 959 981 2214

Cornéll Grové
Partner, Pacific AirHub
M: +27 82 748 1800